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The GHHSAA is managed by a Board of Trustees. New trustees are nominated and confirmed by the existing Board. The trustees nominate and confirm officers. Current trustees, including officers, are:

Jim Anderson '72
Andy Baumann '63
Steve Blake '68
Jennifer Rill Calli '04
Ron Cameron '64
Nick Cardi '65
Ron Harris '56
Norma Koutz Wallace '73
Dianna Wooton Launer '74
Shelley Clark Lovegrove '70
Tim Murphy '65
Roger Rill '67
Tom Smith '63
Debbi Latshaw Steller '67
Teri Antonlino Williams '74



The GHHSAA knows that all Alumni have special talents and perhaps some available extra time. Please consider volunteering your time and expertise to help us serve Alumni the best way possible.

If interested in assisting with maintaining this website or helping with membership, database management, mailings, fact checking, proof-reading, photography, helping at Alumni events, fund raising, etc., email


Please contact the GHHSAA regarding changes of address and other business matters by mail, phone or emai. The phone number listed reaches the high school. A message will be taken and forwarded onto the Alumni Association. Or complete the form below. We would love to hear from you!


Board of Trustees
tel. : 614.499.7449
PO Box 12116
Columbus, Ohio
USA   43212